Inaugural Cooperstown Classic Baseball Tournament
July 31-August 1, 2004

The weekend of July 31 and August 1, six teams from the Boston MABL competed in the largest Boston MABL tournament ever held. Almost 100 players traveled 240 miles to Cooperstown, New York and the National Baseball Hall of Fame to compete in the newly formed Cooperstown Classic. These players never would have dreamed this tourney would become the longest running in The Hall.

The Boston Marlins defeated the Boston White Sox, 6-1, in the finals to become the inaugural Cooperstown Classic Champions.

2004 Cooperstown Classic Champions, Boston Marlins
2004 Cooperstown Classic Champions: Boston Marlins
Jason Kurtz delivers for the Boston Royals
Jason Kurtz delivers for Boston Royals
Dan Field bats at Doubleday Field
Dan Field bats at Doubleday Field

Due to a rain-shortened Saturday, the Marlins and White Sox advanced to the finals on Sunday after each receiving only 1 win. The Bluefish also had a win, but did not make the finals due to a predetermined tie-breaker.

Cooperstown Classic Teams in 2004:

  1. Boston Marlins – Champions 🏆
  2. Boston White Sox – Runners-up
  3. Boston Athletics
  4. Boston Reds
  5. Boston Royals
  6. South Coast Bluefish

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