Play in the World’s Longest Baseball Game – Help End ALS

The 100 Innings of Baseball Game is a unique marathon event that champions the cause of ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Stretching over 100 continuous innings, this game can extend for as long as 30 consecutive hours.

The initiative took root in 2004 upon Curt Schilling’s arrival at the Boston Red Sox. Originally designed as a fundraiser for “Curt’s Pitch for ALS” in association with The ALS Association, the game’s fundraising efforts shifted in 2012 to benefit The Angel Fund. Fans can look forward to the 20th annual game in 2023 scheduled over Columbus Day Weekend, October 7-8, 2023.

Tragically, the fight against ALS has become personal for many associated with the game. Walter Bentson, the umpire chief, and Ratt Kennedy, the president of The Angel Fund, both received diagnoses of ALS.

One of the most notable ripples from the 100 Innings of Baseball was its inspiration to Pete Frates, a Boston College baseball player. Frates would later spearhead the Ice Bucket Challenge, which became the most viral social media campaign in history.

Since its inception, the 100 Innings of Baseball raised over $903,000 for the cause.

Rolling the Credits on ALS: A Close-up on “The 100th Inning”

Inspired from the game, “The 100th Inning,” directed by Alex Koppelman, is a documentary spotlighting an extended baseball game in Boston that raises funds and awareness for ALS. The film captures the emotional and physical investment of local players, diverging from Boston’s usual focus on professional sports to highlight grassroots activism and community involvement.

Boosted by the support of Curt and Shonda Schilling, the event has evolved from a local game to a broader movement for ALS research. Koppelman, who is also a player, brings a unique insider perspective, making the film a multi-layered story about the fight against ALS and the power of community.

Watch The 100th Inning on Amazon now! See the trailer below.

100 Innings by the Year

DateScoreFunds RaisedLength & TimeLocationCumulative
2023, October 7-8Good Guys 110, Other Guys 79$51,300 100 Innings (29 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$903,827
2022, October 8-9Team Bentson 91, Team Kennedy 78$45,000 100 Innings (27 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$852,527
2021, October 9-10Team Ratt 68, Team Walter 66$40,000 100 Innings (28 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$807,527
2020Canceled due to COVID---$767,527
2019, October 12-13Welch's Warriors 68, ALS Angels 55$28,060 100 Innings (31 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$767,527
2018, October 6-7Welch's Warriors 112, Ratt's Angels 90$30,735 100 Innings (31 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$739,467
2017, October 7-83rd Base 107, 1st Base 77$35,000 92 Innings (rain shortened)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$708,732
2016, October 8-9Team Lembo 67, Team Rudy 44 $34,250 75 Innings (rain shortened)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$673,732
2015, October 10-11Team Bentson 82, Team Frates 75$30,000 100 Innings (29 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$639,482
2014, October 11-12FrateTrains 68, Bentson's Bashers 66$31,093 100 Innings (28 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$609,482
2013, October 12-13Third Base 79, First Base 69$48,500 100 Innings (28 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$578,389
2012, October 20-21Team Walter 90, Team Bentson 80$24,288 100 Innings (30 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$529,889
2011, October 8-9Team Lembo 98, Team Rudy 93$18,166 100 Innings (30 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$505,601
2010, October 9-10Early Bird 73, Worm 72$24,000 100 Innings (30 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$487,435
2009, September 6-7Team Schilling 103, Team Curt 59 $30,000 100 Innings (31 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$463,435
2008, August 30-31Knights 91, Daze 78$60,000 100 Innings (30 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$433,435
2007, May 27-28Team Endurance 99, Team Stamina 72$65,152 100 Innings (29 hours)Adams Field, Quincy, MA$373,435
2006, April 22-23Team Stamina 69, Team Endurance 66$87,461 100 Innings (31 hours)Fitton Field @ Holy Cross in Worcester, MA $308,283
2005, April 16-17Team Marciano 88, Team Hagler 79$108,873 100 Innings (31.5 hours)Campanelli Stadium, Brockton, MA$220,822
2004, April 17-18Gehrig's Stamina 100, Schilling's Endurance 51 $111,949 101 Innings (33 hours)Kelly Field, Hyde Park, MA $111,949