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Henry Rowengartner & Nuke & Nuke LaLoosh & Roy Hobbs
MovieYearIMDB Rating
108 Stitches20145.3
4192: Crowning of the Hit King20107.4
50 Summers2018-
90 Feet From Home20198
A Kid in King Arthur's Court19954.8
A League of Their Own19927.2
A League of Their Own (TV series)19935.9
A League of Their Own (TV series)2020-
A Little Inside20015.9
A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story19776.8
A Mile In His Shoes20116.1
A No-Hit No-Run Summer20086.7
A Soldiers Story: Major Stephen Reich2015-
A Winner Never Quits19867
Abbott & Costello: Who's on First19378.4
The Age of Reason20147.1
Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch20024.6
Alibi Ike19356.1
All Square20185.7
The Almost Guys20045.4
Amazing Grace and Chuck19875.9
American Pastime20076.8
Angels in the Infield20005.2
Angels in the Outfield19517.1
Angels in the Outfield19946.1
Aunt Mary19797.5
Babe Comes Home19276.7
Babe Ruth Story, The19485.4
Babe, The19925.9
Back in the Game20136.5
Bad News Bears19767.3
Bad News Bears20055.8
Bad News Bears Go To Japan19783.5
Bad News Bears in Breaking Training19775.5
Ball Four19766.5
The Ball Game18984.3
Ball of Wax20034.9
Ballplayer: Pelotero20117.1
Bang the Drum Slowly19567.5
Bang the Drum Slowly19737
Baseball and Bloomers1911-
Baseball Bugs Bunny19467.8
The Baseball Bunch19808.6
Baseball Madness1917-
Baseball, Minnesota1996-
Baseball: a film by Ken Burns19949.2
Battered Bastards of Baseball, The20148
Battery, The20126.4
Battlefield Baseball20035.8
Bay City Blues19836.7
Beer League20066
Benchwarmers, The20065.6
Benchwarmers 220194.6
Big Guns20067.7
Big Leaguer19535.9
Billy Club20135.4
Bingo Long and the Traveling All-Stars19766.9
Black Irish20077.1
Bleacher Boys20098.5
Bleacher Bums20026.2
Blue Skies Again19835.5
Bottom of the 9th20195.2
Boys of Summer20068.7
Brampton's Own20185.4
Breaking into the Big League1913-
Brewster's Millions19856.5
Bronx Is Burning, The20077.9
Brooklyn Dodgers: The Ghosts of Flatbush20078.7
Bull Durham19887.1
Busher, The19196.5
Calvin Marshall20106
Casa Vita20166.7
Casey At The Bat1916-
Casey At The Bat19276.7
Catcher Was a Spy, The20186.1
Catcher, The19983
Catching Hell20117.9
Chasing 300020066.5
Chasing Dreams19823.2
Chasing October20078.4
City Without Baseball20085.3
Comeback Kid, The19806.2
Comrades of Summer19925.8
Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson, The19906.8
Damn Yankees19587.2
Damn Yankees!19677.1
Day of Independence20037
Deadly Strike20085.2
Dealin' With Idiots20135.4
Dear Mr. Fidrych20096.9
Death On The Diamond19346.2
Diamond in the Dunes20098.4
Diminished Capacity20085.7
Dizzy & Daffy19345.6
Doc & Darryl20167
Don't Look Back: The Story of Leroy 'Satchel' Paige19816.8
Dorf on the Diamond19966.1
Double Play2015-
Duel at the Mound20146.7
Eastbound and Down20098.3
Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off20036.1
Eden Court20076.2
Eight Men Out19887.3
Elmer, The Great19336.2
Emerald Diamond, The20068.6
Everybody Wants Some!!20167
Everyone's Hero20065.8
Extra Innings2019-
Eye On The Dream2007-
Fan, The19965.8
Fancy Curves19326.2
Fantasy Man2017-
Fast Company19297.6
Favorite Son20106.9
Fear Strikes Out19577
Feeling Goode2015-
Fernando Nation20106.3
Ferrell Takes the Field20155.8
Fever Pitch20056.2
Field of Dreams19897.5
Fields Afire20147.5
Final Season, The20076.7
Finding Buck McHenry20005.7
Fireman, Save My Child19325.9
For Love of the Game19996.6
Four Days in October20107.1
Franchise: A Season With The San Francisco Giants, The20117.9
Freedom Park20047.1
Full Count20076.5
Full Count2019-
Game 620055.9
The Girl in Centerfield2011-
Girls Can Play19376.5
Goodbye, Franklin High19786.5
Gracie At The Bat19377.6
Great American Dream20136.9
Great American Pastime, The19565.7
Hammer of Hank Aaron, The20157.3
Hardball (movie)20016.4
Hardball (TV series)19945.6
Headin' Home19205.3
Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel20188.9
Heckler, The19407.5
Henry & Me20106.2
Henry O!20098.6
Here Come The Tigers19783.5
High & Outside20198.6
Hit and Run1924-
Hit to Right2009-
Hitting The Cycle20126.2
Home Plate2020-
Home Run20136
Home Run on the Keys19376.2
Home Run Showdown20154.9
Hot Curves19305.2
The House of Steinbrenner20106.5
How Do You Know20105.4
I See The Crowd Roar: The Story of William "Dummy" Hoy20075.6
If Sun Rise Up From West19986.2
Immortal: Ted Williams, The2015-
Inning By Inning: A Portrait of a Coach20086.5
Investigator, The20135.6
Is This Heaven?2015-
It Happened in Flatbush19426.1
It Happens Every Spring19497
It's Good To Be Alive19746.9
Jack of All Trades20186.3
Jackie Robinson Story, The19506.4
Jews and Baseball: An American Love Story20107.5
Joe Torre: Curveballs Along The Way19975.5
Jordan Rides the Bus20106.9
Just Pals19326.2
Keeper of the Pinstripes2011-
Ken Burns: Jackie Robinson20168.1
Kid From Cleveland, The19495.3
Kid From Left Field, The19536.5
Kid From Left Field, The19796.1
Kid Who Only Hit Homers, The2020-
Kill The Umpire19506.5
Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball20067.7
Ladies' Day19435.7
Last Home Run, The19966.1
Last Strike20158.2
Life and Times of Hank Greenberg, The19987.6
Life's Greatest Game1924-
Little Big League19946.1
Little Big Men20106.2
Long Gone19877.8
Long Home Run, The2010-
Long Shot20177.4
Long Time Coming: A 1955 Baseball Story20177.6
Lucky U Ranch20168
Major League19897.2
Major League II19945.5
Major League III: Back to the Minors19984.6
Man From Left Field, The19936
Marksmen, The19976.5
Mean Streak19995
The Mendoza Line20147.1
Mercy Rule20143
Million Dollar Arm20147
Milltown Pride20116
Mint Conditioned2007-
Mr. 300020045.5
Mr. Baseball19925.9
Mr. Destiny19906.4
Mr. Noisy19467.6
Murder at the World Series19776.4
Naked Gun, The19887.6
Natural, The19847.5
The New Klondike19265.5
Night Game19895
Nine Innings From Ground Zero20048.3
No No: A Dockumentary20147.2
Off The Black20066.7
One Hit From Home20124.6
One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story19786.8
Only Real Game, The20137.6
Only The Ball Was White1981-
Open Road, The20095.5
Opposite Field20158.1
Other Boys of Summer, The2019-
Outfield, The20155.1
Over The Fence1932-
Past The Bleachers19957.4
Perfect Catch, The20176.7
Perfect Control19326.2
Perfect Game20005
Perfect Game, The20097
Pete Rose on Trial20036.9
Pete's All-Stars2015-
Phenom, The20165.2
Pinch Hitter, The19174.7
Pitcher and the Pin-Up20035.9
Pitching Love and Catching Faith20155.2
Pitching Love and Catching Faith: Double Play2020-
PlayByPlayMen and the Art of the Perfect Call20077.5
Playing For Peanuts2008-
Pride Against Prejudice: The Larry Doby Story20078.2
Pride of St. Louis, The19526.6
Pride of the Yankees, The19427.7
Quitter, The20148.5
Rachel's 9th Inning2015-
Reunion 10820137.7
Rice Field of Dreams2013-
Right Off the Bat1915-
Ring the Bell20136.8
Road To The Big Leagues20087.5
Roogie's Bump19546
Rookie of the Year19936
Rookie, The20027
Rounding First20056.9
Rounding Home20067.1
Safe at Home19625.3
Sandlot, The19937.8
Sandlot 2, The20054.5
Sandlot 3: Heading Home, The20075.2
Sandlot, The (TV series)2020-
Scout, The19945.3
Screwball: The Ted Whitfield Story20104.7
Season of Miracles20135.7
Signs Of The Time20087.5
Silly Little Game (ESPN Films: 30 for 30)20106.5
Simon Birch19986.9
Slide, Babe, Slide19327.1
Slide, Kelly, Slide19277.7
Slow Moe20095.6
Slugger's Wife, The19854.4
Small Ball: A Season with the Marauders20158
Somewhere In Georgia19165.8
Soul of the Game19967.4
Squeeze Play19804.4
Stealing Home19886.8
Still Pitching2020-
Still We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie20047.2
Stratton Story, The19497.2
Summer Catch20015
Switch Hitter2015-
Take Me Out20183.9
Take Me Out to the Ball Game19496.8
Taking Care of Business19916.4
Talent for the Game19916
The Bad News Bears (TV series)19796.8
The Franchise: A Season with the Miami Marlins2012-
The Sweet Spot: A Treasury of Baseball Stories2016-
They Learned About Women19306.6
This Old Cub20048.3
Throw Like a Girl2019-
Tiger Town19836.9
Time in the Minors20086.5
Touching Home20085.9
Touching Home: Baseball In The Bushes2005-
Touching The Game, Alaska2009-
Touching The Game, Cape Cod20048.3
Trading Hearts19875.5
Trouble With The Curve20126.8
Two Mugs From Brooklyn19426.3
The Umpire2011-
The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience20197.6
Up For Grabs20077.5
Up the River19306.1
The Vancouver Asahi20146.1
Wait 'til This Year20046.1
Warming Up1928-
When It Was a Game19928.4
Where Hope Grows20146.6
Whistling In Brooklyn19436.9
Wide Awake19986.1
Winning Season, The20045.8
Winning Team, The19526.5
Workin' For Peanuts1985-
World Beaters20176.2
Yankles, The20095.1
You Don't Know Bo20128.1
Young Again2020-
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