“Bananaland” is an ESPN+ Original series spotlighting the Savannah Bananas, a baseball team turning the traditional game on its head. The series follows the team’s colorful owners, players, and staff as they take their revolutionary Banana Ball on a seven-city World Tour. Celebrity MLB guests and a live game kick off the series, hosted by ESPN anchor Ashley Brewer.

Led by flamboyant owner Jesse Cole, the Bananas offer a unique blend of sports and spectacle. This docu-series isn’t just about baseball; it’s a deep dive into innovation and community engagement in sports, challenging the norms and electrifying fans.

  • S1E1 – “If it’s Bananas, They Will Come”: Introducing Banana Ball
  • S1E2 – “At the Ol’ Banana Ball Game”: The World Tour Begins
  • S1E3 – “Peels on the Bus”: On the Road Antics
  • S1E4 – “For Love of the Flame”: Passion Behind the Game
  • S1E5 – “For All the Bananas”: The Final Showdown
Bananaland | August 19, 2022 (United States) 9.2
Stars: Eric Byrnes, Jesse Cole, Adam VirantSummary: Capturing the origins of the Bananas' wild style of baseball, following the team's owners, players, and staff as they embark on a seven-city "World Tour" in their quest to bring the extravagant showmanship of Banana Ball to the masses.


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