“Reunion 108” is a satirical comedy that brings together two generations of baseball players in a friendly reunion game, set against the picturesque Allegheny Mountains. As they gather to celebrate their shared legacies, they remain oblivious to the club owner’s secret agenda.

Hoping to stay connected to his roots during an upcoming retreat to high Asian elevations, the owner devises a plan. He aims to coax out intimate tales of the players’ lives, both on and off the field. These narratives not only shed light on their individual journeys but also underscore the shared victories that gifted the town its only two minor league championships.

Reunion 108 | October 25, 2013 (United States) 7.7
Director: James Suttles, Billy SampleWriter: Billy SampleStars: Justin Grace, Jack Mulcahy, Kera O'BryonSummary: Two generations of professional baseball players return for a 'Reunion' game. But before the game is played, the players are coerced into telling stories about their on and off the field past, and oh boy, watch out.


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