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Choosing the Right Wood Baseball Bat: Everything You Need to Know

Choosing the right wood baseball bat is crucial for any player. This guide covers the different types of wood used in baseball bats and their unique characteristics. By understanding the pros and cons of different wood types, you’ll be able to choose the right wood baseball bat that will enhance your performance on the field.

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Behaving Like an Animal with Every MLB Mascot

Humblebrag: I’ve got to meet just about every MLB mascot. Each one is a character. Many I’ve met at ballparks, but even more I’ve met at events like the Major League Baseball All-Star Game fan festival. Meeting them all is pretty cool. Most of them behave like animals!

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Dugout Mugs – Baseball Bats for Beer

How Marketing Dugout Mugs Continues to Score

When batters are left with nothing but a baseball bat’s handle, most chuck the bat into the closest trash can. Not former minor league pitcher, Randall Thompson. He had an insightful idea. Thompson hollowed out the bat barrel and turned it into a beer mug, and that’s how Dugout Mugs was born. Yet, it’s the marketing that knocked these mugs out of the park. And that’s where Nate Lagos comes in.

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Baseball Apps Your League Must Have in 2022

There is no shortage of baseball apps for baseball players. However, most baseball leagues – especially at the youth and amateur levels – don’t incorporate software into their game plan. Here are 4 apps your baseball league must have to give your players world-class tools with an all-star experience.

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