MLB Attendance Decline

Baseball Attendance Decline: Blame the Marketing

By the end of the 2019 season, Major League Baseball attendance declined for the fourth consecutive year – at a 1.6% clip that season. And after a year mostly without fans in 2020 due to COVID, what should have been a bounce-back year in 2021 was anything but – with paid attendance shrinking by more than one-third! But what if these declines had nothing to do with long games, high ticket prices, and people watching

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Betting on Baseball

Gambling on Baseball: From Criminal to Commonplace

As MLB teams near the final stretch of the COVID-19 shortened season, 2020 has proven to be a baseball turning point. Without fans able to attend games in person to cheer, they are shifting their thrills to gambling at home. Betting on baseball has a rich history, from the Black Sox Scandal to Pete Rose. Today, with online sportsbooks in the mix, baseball is changing. Who do you got?

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Baseball Trade Show header

2020–2021 Baseball Convention Calendar

Have you ever wanted to attend the MLB Winter Meetings, ABCA Convention, SABR Analytics Conference or some other baseball show or event that was really expensive or far away? Because of COVID, many baseball meetings are now virtual. This means you may not need to travel or spend tons of money. Save every date on your calendar!

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Chocolate Baseballs

Baseball Candy Bars? Isn’t That Sweet

Dozens of pro baseball players have had candy released in their name. Whether a chocolate bar or chewing gum, these treats are tasty. Now, these aren’t ballplayer spokesmen advertising an energy bar, appearing on a Topps Stand-Ups candy series, having a baseball card printed on a box of Milk Duds, or being named Candy Maldonato. These players had a treat named after them. Take a bite!

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Las Vegas Baseball in a Pandemic

Las Vegas Baseball Still Being Played? You Bet!

Eight amateur men’s baseball league teams returned to action, as squatters without a permit, during a pandemic, to play in a Memorial Day tournament. This is the story of illegal gaming, how and it went down, and why – according to baseball legend, Jimmy “Suicide” King. Watch the video.

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Lord of the Sacrifice Flies, baseball movie

One Word Away from Becoming a Baseball Movie

It wasn’t a curveball. It began with a simple question posted on social media while my teammates were quarantined at home – not playing baseball. “Add one word to a non-baseball movie to make it about baseball.” The first answer was Lord of the Sacrifice Flies. The remaining responses were equally as ready for Hollywood.

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