Chocolate Baseballs

Baseball Candy Bars? Isn’t That Sweet

Dozens of pro baseball players have had candy released in their name. Whether a chocolate bar or chewing gum, these treats are tasty. Now, these aren’t ballplayer spokesmen advertising an energy bar, appearing on a Topps Stand-Ups candy series, having a baseball card printed on a box of Milk Duds, or being named Candy Maldonato. These players had a treat named after them. Take a bite!

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Las Vegas Baseball in a Pandemic

Las Vegas Baseball Still Being Played? You Bet!

Eight amateur men’s baseball league teams returned to action, as squatters without a permit, during a pandemic, to play in a Memorial Day tournament. This is the story of illegal gaming, how and it went down, and why – according to baseball legend, Jimmy “Suicide” King. Watch the video.

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Lord of the Sacrifice Flies, baseball movie

One Word Away from Becoming a Baseball Movie

It wasn’t a curveball. It began with a simple question posted on social media while my teammates were quarantined at home – not playing baseball. “Add one word to a non-baseball movie to make it about baseball.” The first answer was Lord of the Sacrifice Flies. The remaining responses were equally as ready for Hollywood.

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F-15 Flyover at Fenway Park in Boston

Sacrifice Flying is a Win for America During a Pandemic

On July 15, 2017, there were three sacrifice flies during a lengthy 16-inning baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. But one of them didn’t show up in the box score. Today, even in the absence of baseball, and in the presence of a pandemic, you might catch one. And if you do, you’ll be reminded that there are far bigger sacrifices being made off the field.

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Super Baseball 2020 vs. MLB The Show '20 header

The Future is Now – Baseball 2020

In 1991, SNK published the futuristic video game Super Baseball 2020. In the future (at the time), several of the athletes are robots. The human characters have powerful armor, computer sensors, and jet-packs. In 1992, a year after the game was released, Javier Baez of the Chicago Cubs was born. In 2020, he made cover of MLB The Show ’20. Was the future of baseball predicted? Is Baez a man or a machine?

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MLB Attendance Decline

Baseball Attendance Decline: Blame the Marketing

Through May 2019, Major League Baseball attendance is on pace to decline for the fourth consecutive year – at a 1.4% clip this season. But what if this decline has nothing to do with long games, high ticket prices, and people watching games on their mobile phones? What if the cause is lackluster baseball marketing that can be addressed? It is, and it can.

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Top 10 Baseball Movies of 2019 header

Top 10 Baseball Movies of 2019

It’s mid-summer, and there has already been a hard-hitting lineup of baseball movies released for the 2019 season. So find yourself a nice quiet morning, a weekend night, or a rainout day, and kick back a relax with a new baseball movie.

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Bottles of Beer on the Wall at Cooperstown Brewing

300 Bottles of Baseball Beer on the Wall

You may love beer and baseball, but you won’t bat anywhere near .300. That is, you probably haven’t tasted all three-hundred baseball-themed beers on the market. Review the largest baseball beer menu on the planet, and learn baseball beer trivia along the way. Cheers.

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