Glass Baseball Bat from the Corked Bat Collection

Baseball and Liquor, No Gifts Are Sicker

Baseball and liquor may not mix. Yet, we have identified several unique baseball gifts for the beer and wine lover in your life. We’ve tracked down a glass baseball bat wine decanter, a bottle opener made from a bat handle, and a beer mug hollowed out from a baseball bat.

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Arguing with Umpire - header

Instant Replay: The End of Baseball as You Know It

Baseball is more of an art than any other sport. It’s not about whether a batter is out, but whether he appears out. It’s a beauty contest. Here is what was removed from the game over the last five years, and I bet you didn’t even see it happen. We’re here to replay it.

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The Baseball Video Game Starting Lineup

A total of 87 major league baseball players have been on the cover of video games – led by Derek Jeter who has been on 9 covers. Yet, only 16 players and 3 managers in MLB history have provided naming rights to be included on a video game’s title – and the Captain wasn’t one of them.

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Beep Baseball - header

Beep Baseball: An Eye-Opening Game

As a Little League coach, I’m constantly encouraging my kids to keep their eye on the ball. For athletes playing for the Boston Renegades, it wouldn’t make much difference – they are all legally blind.

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Watertown Strong Baseball - header

More Than a Game in Watertown

While the terrorist bombers were on the run in Watertown, Mass, the Raiders varsity baseball team was mentally preparing to play the Arlington Spy Ponders at Victory Field at home the next morning. That game was postponed while the entire town was placed on unprecedented lockdown.

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Tyler Kendrick knuckleball - header

Getting a Grip on the Knuckleball

The first time I ever saw Tyler Kendrick pitch, he struck out Red Sox infielder Lou Merloni with a knuckleball. Kendrick never would have guessed this would lead to an international documentary airing on the Discovery Channel on Opening Day of the 2013 season, illustrating the science behind throwing a knuckleball.

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