20th Annual 100 Innings of Baseball Spectacular
October 7-8, 2023

Score: Good Guys 110, Other Guys 79
Length: 100 Innings (29 hours)
Location: Adams Field, Quincy, MA
Amount Raised: $51,300
(Cumulative raised: $903,827)

100 Innings Hits the TV Screens

The 100 Innings of Baseball fundraiser in Quincy, Massachusetts celebrated its 20th year, and during the event, WBZ Channel 4 Boston and WCVB Channel 5 Boston both aired segments highlighting its aim to surpass the million-dollar mark for The Angel Fund for ALS Research. ALS, a progressive neurological disease affecting motor neurons, has no cure, and the baseball marathon sought to raise both funds and awareness for the cause.

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Two Decades In, 100 Innings of Baseball & the Battle Against ALS Continues

In the 20th annual game, our ALS partner was, once again, the Angel Fund. Ratt Kennedy has served as the president of the Angel Fund for over 20 years. Ratt lost his father to ALS and, later, his youngest brother to ALS in 1995. He has worked tirelessly to raise money for Dr. Brown and his staff at the UMass Medical Center in the Cecil B. Day Laboratory for Neuromuscular Research. In a cruel twist of fate, while training for his 31st Boston Marathon in January 2016, Ratt began to feel a tingling sensation in his legs. This sensation worsened over the subsequent weeks, and his worst fears were confirmed when he was diagnosed with ALS in April 2016, carrying the familial gene.

Since 2012, Ratt has been alongside Walter Bentson, our chief umpire, who was also diagnosed with ALS. At midnight, Walter came out to umpire for one batter, with his sons batting and pitching and his daughter catching.

In 2023, a total of 27 players were brave enough to play all 100 innings. This group included Scot Leslie (playing for the 4th consecutive year) and Mike Santarpio (playing for the 2nd consecutive year), who both played all 100 innings in the field. More than 100 players particated in the game overall, with lineups expanded to about 30 batters on each team during peak times.

Additionally, fifteen 6-man umpiring crews from throughout Massachusetts rotated in every two hours to support Walter. Walter donned the umpiring gear himself at midnight, even in the pouring rain, for his annual appearance behind the plate.

Richard “Ratt” Kennedy, president of The Angel Fund, addresses players and fans before a prior 100 Innings of Baseball game in Quincy, MA, alongside umpire chief and event organizer, Walter Bentson. The game to date has raised just under $1,000,000 for ALS research.

On the BIg Screen: “The 100th Inning” – A Tale of Baseball & Resilience

With its theatrical release just 3 days before the 20th annual game, “The 100th Inning” is a compelling documentary that delves deep into the heart of Boston’s iconic baseball culture, interwoven with the heroic fight against ALS. Set just twelve miles south of Fenway Park at Adams Field in Quincy, Mass, the film showcases the extraordinary lengths ordinary individuals go to in support of a cause that resonates deeply within the community.

Directed and produced by Alex Koppelman, this narrative captures the raw emotions, personal stories, and indomitable spirit of those battling both on and off the field. Experience a tale of grit, determination, and hope. The red carpet affair and the movie premiere was held October 4th at Salem Cinema.

Below is video of the opening remarks before the film, featuring Angie Santomauro as the emcee. Remarks were provided by game co-founder Brett Rudy, Chief Umpire Walter Benton, The Angel Fund President Rich Kennedy, and filmmaker Alex Koppelman.

See the complete The 100th Inning Movie Premiere Photo Album. All photos taken by Jon McGlynn.

Enjoy The 100th Inning movie trailer below. Or:

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