Baseball and Liquor, No Gifts Are Sicker

Baseball and liquor may not mix. Yet, we have identified several unique baseball gifts for the beer and wine lover in your life. We’ve tracked down a glass baseball bat wine decanter, a bottle opener made from a bat handle, and a beer mug hollowed out from a baseball bat.

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Glass Baseball Bat Wine Decanter

Made by the Corked Bat Collection.

The Corked Bat Collection are wine decanters shaped to the size of a regulation baseball bat. Each bat holds exactly 750ml of wine, the amount of a standard bottle of wine. The bat is then corked and can be stored for display. They can also be used to hold candy for parties and holidays.

Corked Bat Collection logo
Wine Being Poured from Glass Baseball Bat
Tony Gwynn with Glass Baseball Bat from Corked Bat Collection
Tony Gwynn with Corked Bat Collection bat
Jim Rice with a fan and glass baseball bat
Jim Rice with a fan and glass baseball bat

Baseball bat wine decanter gift brings baseball and wine into a unique new world. It’s made of glass, corked, and holds a full bottle of vino!

Dugout Mug for Beer & Wine

Made by the Thompson Mug Company.

America’s pastime is about the smell of hot dogs, the thrill of catching a foul ball, the roar of the crowd, and the first sip of frosty beer on a hot Summer afternoon. The Dugout Mug brand includes the Baseball Bat Barrel Drinking Mug and the Wined Up Baseball Bat Wine Goblet.

Dugout Mugs by Thompson Mug Co.
Dugout Mug on Draught
Baseball players with Dugout Mugs
Baseball players with Dugout Mugs
Dugout Mugs for a wedding party
Dugout Mugs for a wedding party

Dugout Mugs capture the essence of the ball field like never before. Made from the highest quality North American Birch wood, our mugs are unique, durable, and practical!

Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

Made by Batter’s Box Bottle Openers.

Batter’s Box Bottle Openers are a real fan’s way to open a drink. Each opener is handmade by a former professional baseball player. All are game-used bats that broke and then were used to make the openers. They are a unique gift item for any baseball fan.

Batter's Box Bottle Openers
Batter's Box Bottle Opener in action
Batter's Box Bottle Opener in action
Game-used baseball bat bottle openers

Scott from My Bourbon Journey reviews Batter’s Box Bottle Openers.

Do you know of any other ways to open, store, and pour your favorite beer or wine? Let us know in the comments below.

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