Batter Up (1991 & 1992)
Batter Up is developed and published by Namco. Get ready to take the national pastime to new heights with Super Batter Up for the Super Nintendo. You’ll find all your favorite Major League players here from Ripken to Winfield to Puckett which allows you to know what it’s like to actually be a superstar on the diamond. There are 26 teams to choose from, as well as three unique stadiums to play in. On the field, everything is under your control: swing for power or for average, throw a vicious curveball, or dive in the outfield for a fly ball. Every conceivable option is available as well from pinch-hitters to relief pitchers to intentional walks putting your right in the middle of the action.

  • Batter Up (1991)
  • Super Batter Up (1992)

Watch a complete game of Batter Up for Sega Game Gear:

The second release of Batter Up is Super Batter Up:

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