MLB 2k Fantasy All-Stars (2008 & 2009)
Major League Baseball 2K Fantasy All-Stars is a spinoff of the 2K sports series, and has many special features: Get special “power ups” to complete incredible play performances. Force your opponents to chase after the “chicken ball” that runs away from fielders once it’s on the ground, or confuse them with a “crazy ball” that takes an unpredictable flight path. Pitchers can throw a “super splitter” that splits the ball into two pieces or a “fireball” that screams at rocket speeds while engulfed in flames. Fielders can join in the power up fun with the “brick wall” that causes a wall to instantly rise out of the ground to stop the ball in its tracks or the “super jump” that allows them to jump incredibly high toward the ball in flight.

  • MLB 2k8 Fantasy All-Stars – Jose Reyes on cover
  • MLB 2k8 Fantasy All-Stars – Tim Lincecum on cover

Enjoy a scene from the MLB Fantasy 2k8 All-Stars game:

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