MLB (1997-2005)
MLB is a Major League Baseball game for the PlayStation and is by 989 Sports. MLB features all the usual standards that belong in the dug-out: stat tracking, trade options, and our personal favorite, editing players. Many of the star players have signature stances and pitching wind-ups. In addition to that, while at the plate, the in-fielders will kick dirt away and hit their gloves. The color commentary for the game is from Dave Campbell and the play by play announcer is Vin Scully. After a nine-year run, the series was followed up with the new game series, “MLB: The Show.”

  • MLB 98 – Bernie Williams on cover
  • MLB 99 – Cal Ripken on cover
  • MLB 2000 – Mo Vaughn on cover
  • MLB 2001 – Chipper Jones on cover
  • MLB 2002 – Andruw Jones on cover
  • MLB 2003 – Barry Bonds on cover
  • MLB 2004 – Shawn Green on cover
  • MLB 2005 – Eric Chavez on cover
  • MLB 2006 – Vladimir Guerrero on cover

Watch the MLB 98 trailer:

Watch the MLB 99 trailer.

First commercial for MLB 2000.

Second commercial for MLB 2000, featuring Matt Vasgersian and Bill Dwyer.

MLB 2001 commercial featuring Tony Gwynn with some precise hitting:

MLB 2002 commercial featuring Andruw Jones:

MLB 2003 commercial featuring Barry Bonds:

MLB 2004 commercial featuring Adam Dunn dressed inappropriately:

First MLB 2005 commercial brings the action online:

Second MLB 2005 commercial brings the action online:

First MLB 2006 commercial takes Mr. Met to the cleaners:

Second MLB 2006 commercial is all about the smallest details:

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