Tecmo Baseball (1988 & 1994)
Tecmo Baseball was released for the Nintendo Entertainment Systems. There are five modes: One Player, Two Player, One Player Allstar, Two Player Allstar, and a watch mode. The camera angle when batting or pitching is from behind the pitcher. The pitcher can pitch the ball high and low, as well as curve it. Tecmo Baseball includes digitized voices for the umpire. Tecmo Super Baseball was released 5 years later for the Super NES and Sega Mega Drive. It featured all 28 MLB teams that existed at the time. However, the only license the game has is the MLBPA license.

  • Tecmo Baseball (1988)
  • Tecmo Super Baseball (1994)

Watch gameplay from Tecmo Baseball in 1988:

Watch gameplay from Tecmo Super Baseball in 1994:

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