VR Baseball (1997-1999)
VR Baseball prides itself on being the first fully 3D baseball game. You also have complete control over your camera to view the action from any angle. The game comes with a Major League Baseball license and thus features over 700 Major League Baseball players, 28 official stadiums, and all the season statistics. Game modes include Exhibition Game and Home Run Derby. Both can be played in multi-player mode. Developed by VR Sports and published by Interplay Productions.

  • VR Baseball ’97 (1997) – Greg Maddux on cover
  • VR Baseball ’99 (1998) – Darin Erstad on cover
  • VR Baseball 2000 (1999) – Darin Erstad on cover

Watch gameplay from VR Baseball ’97:

Enjoy the trailer from VR Baseball ’99:

Watch the trailer from VR Baseball 2000:

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