Cooperstown Classic Baseballs
Cooperstown Classic pearls, ready for action

The 20th Annual Cooperstown Classic Baseball Tournament
June 17-18, 2023

Next summer’s Cooperstown Classic baseball tourney is being played Father’s Day Weekend. While the 9-team tourney is already sold out for the summer of 2023, we are already accepting deposits for 2024. Participation is first-come, first-served, based on getting a deposit in. Inquire today to add your team to the 2024 Cooperstown Classic, or to get on the waitlist for 2023 in case a team drops unexpectedly.

Below will be the participating teams and game schedule.

Participating Teams

  1. Singing Surgeons (Boston, MA)
  2. East Coast Cardinals (Charlottesville, VA)
  3. Ben’s Dream White Sox (New York, NY)
  4. QN Comets (Queens, NY)
  5. Providence Sharks (Providence, RI)
  6. Niagara Devils (Buffalo, NY)
  7. Rochester Stinger (Rochester, NY)
  8. Brooklyn Dukes (New York, NY)
  9. Crown City Benchwarmers (Cortland, NY)

2023 Schedule

Saturday, June 17 – Pool Play


  • Providence Sharks vs. Singing Surgeons @ Beaver Valley
  • Ben’s Dream White Sox vs. Niagara Devils @ Doubleday Field
  • East Coast Cardinals vs. Rochester Stinger @ Winsor Field


  • QN Comets vs. Ben’s Dream White Sox @ Beaver Valley
  • Crown City Benchwarmers vs. East Coast Cardinals @ Doubleday Field
  • Brooklyn Dukes vs. Providence Sharks @ Winsor Field


  • Niagara Devils vs. Crown City Benchwarmers @ Beaver Valley
  • Rochester Stinger vs. Brooklyn Dukes @ Doubleday Field
  • Singing Surgeons vs. QN Comets @ Winsor Field

Sunday, June 18 – Playoffs & Consolation

10AM – Play In Games

  • TBA vs. TBA @ Beaver Valley
  • TBA vs. TBA @ Doubleday Field
  • TBA vs. TBA @ Winsor Field

1:30PM – Semifinals & Consolation Game

  • TBA vs. TBA @ Beaver (Semifinals)
  • TBA vs. TBA @ Winsor (Semifinals)
  • TBA vs. TBA s @ Doubleday (Consolation)

5PM – Finals

  • TBA vs. TBA @ Doubleday


  • Going into Sunday, there will be 3 teams who have not played at Doubleday. These teams will be matched up to play at Doubleday either in a consolation game (if both in the loser bracket) or in Round 1 of the playoffs (if both are playoff bound). Doubleday participation will override playoff standing.
  • After this game, 1 team will may still not have played at Doubleday. If this team is still in the playoffs, they will play their next playoff game at Doubleday. If this is no longer in the playoffs, they will play a consolation game against the last team to lose at Doubleday.
  • The above scenario COULD result in multiple consolation games at Doubleday for one team. That is their reward for sticking around to play in extra non-playoff games.
  • The Finals will be played at Doubleday unless it is required for the consolation game by the team yet to play there. In this instance, the Finals will be at Beaver Valley.
  • In the event of rain, the Tourney Administrator will determine tie-breakers deemed to be most fair based on the circumstances of the weather and field conditions.

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