Longball Cellars: 2009 Chicago White Sox & Chicago Cubs
Chicago’s South Side and North Side came together to support some worthy causes as the Charity Wines initiative continued for a third year with Mark Buehrle from the White Sox and Derrek Lee from the Cubs.

Mark Buehrle and Derrek Lee Charity Wines
Mark Buehrle and Derrek Lee Charity Wines

From the Chicago White Sox, Mark Buehrle released “Buehrlot” to support the Hope Rescues Animal Shelter.

Mark Buehrle, Buehrlot wine
Mark Buehrle, Buehrlot
Mark Buehrle, Buehrlot wine label back
Charity: Hope Animal Rescues

From the Chicago White Sox, Derrek Lee released “CaberLee” to support the 1st Touch Foundation which benefits LCA, a genetic disorder that causes blindness. Initially, the wine was named “CuberLee” but there was concern the Cubs would have licensing concerns with the clever word play, so a word play on Cabernet was used instead.

Derrek Lee, CaberLee wine
Derrek Lee, CaberLee
Derrek Lee, CaberLee wine label back
Charity: 1st Touch Foundation

Buehrlot and CaberLee launched June 16, 2009 at Fleming’s Steakhouse in Chicago. Derrek Lee and Mark Buehrle were in attendance. Following the event, both athletes headed to Wrigley Field for the first White Sox versus Cubs interleague matchup of the season.

Chicago Cubs & White Sox Charity Wines Launch with Mark Buehrle & Derrek Lee
Mark Buehrle & Derrek Lee Charity Wines
Mark Buehrle & Derrek Lee Charity Wines

View the 2009 Chicago Cubs and White Sox Charity Wines Photo Album featuring White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle with Buehrlot Merlot supporting Hope Rescues Animal Shelter & Cubs firstbaseman Derrek Lee with CaberLee Cabernet supporting the 1st Touch Foundation.

Vinted and bottled by: Longball Wines in San Martin, California.
Marketing by: Charity Hop Sports Marketing.
Artwork by: Jonathan Banchick Illustrations.
Art references courtesy of Jed Jacobsohn, Jonathan Daniel, and Getty Images.

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