Vernon Wells, Jr. is the father of LA Angels slugger Vernon Wells III. For more than 30 years, Vernon (known as “V”) has painted portraits of MLB players and their families, media guide covers, posters, lithographs, and even Upper Deck trading cards. More interesting is his Boston tie. In his 50’s, Vernon still plays amateur baseball himself. In 2002, while at the MSBL World Series in Arizona and playing for the Dallas Diamondback, Vernon had a tremendous game against the Boston Wolfpack, going 4-4 with a homer and 2 doubles. After that, the Wolfpack recruited him to play with them in other national tournaments. Since 2003, Vernon has played with the Boston Wolfpack in tourneys ranging from the Las Vegas Open to the Disney Classic. In 2012, Vernon painted his teammate, Boston Wolfpack legend Russ Ward.

See more at Vernon Wells Sports Art.

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