“A Little Inside” is a heartwarming family film centered on Ed Mills, a promising baseball player on the cusp of making it big. Just as fame is within his reach, life takes an unexpected turn, and he finds himself putting his major-league dreams aside.

Over the course of five years, the narrative delves deep into Ed’s life as he grapples with the challenges of menial jobs and the joys and trials of raising his precocious daughter, demonstrating the lengths one will go to for the love of family.

A Little Inside | February 17, 2002 (United States) 5.3
Director: Kara HarshbargerWriter: Kara HarshbargerStars: Hallie Eisenberg, Benjamin King, Kathy BakerSummary: A professional baseball player tries to single-handedly raise his young daughter while pursuing his own dreams.


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Baseball and the Ballerina - Baseball Movie
A Little Inside was retitled and re-released in 2002 as Baseball and the Ballerina.
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