In a small Montana town, young Little League ace pitcher Chuck Murdock takes a stand, refusing to throw another pitch until nuclear weapons are disarmed. His protest gains the attention of basketball star “Amazing Grace” Smith, who also stops playing and moves to Montana. As more athletes follow, the town becomes an unwilling epicenter for an anti-nuclear movement, causing both admiration and hostility.

“Amazing Grace and Chuck” is a heartfelt drama that unites the worlds of baseball and basketball with social activism. As the town ostracizes them, Chuck, once a local baseball hero, and Amazing Grace confront the high price of their principled stand. The film challenges viewers to consider: can a single child’s act of resistance on the baseball diamond inspire global change?

Amazing Grace and Chuck | October 24, 1987 (Japan) 5.8
Director: Mike NewellWriter: David FieldStars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Gregory Peck, Dean AlexanderSummary: A little league player named Chuck refuses to ever pitch again until nuclear weapons are disarmed. Basketball star "Amazing Grace" Smith follows the boy's example, and starts a trend.


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