In “Bang the Drum Slowly,” star pitcher Henry Wiggen learns that his less-talented teammate Bruce Pearson is terminally ill. Determined to keep Bruce on the team for one final season, Henry’s loyalty slowly transforms the team’s initial skepticism about Bruce into genuine friendship and support.

Rather than focusing on baseball action, the movie explores themes of friendship, mortality, and human dignity. As Bruce’s health declines, the team rallies around him, discovering a unity and purpose that goes beyond the sport. The film is notable for its emotional depth and sensitive portrayal of its characters.

Bang the Drum Slowly | September 26, 1956 (United States) 7.3
Director: Daniel PetrieWriter: Mark Harris, Arnold SchulmanStars: Paul Newman, Albert Salmi, Barbara BabcockSummary: A pitcher on a major-league baseball team finds out that his catcher is desperately trying to hide something, he is dying of a terminal disease and he doesn't want the owner to find out and fire him.


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