“Brooklyn Dodgers: The Ghosts of Flatbush” is an HBO documentary that traces the Dodgers’ final decade in Brooklyn, from Jackie Robinson breaking baseball’s color barrier to the team’s 1955 World Series win. The film reveals how the Dodgers, symbolizing the diverse working-class, grappled with a deteriorating Ebbets Field and declining ticket sales as fans moved to the suburbs.

The documentary also tackles the team’s contentious 1958 move to Los Angeles, initiated by an irresistible offer to owner Walter O’Malley. With New York power broker Robert Moses blocking plans for a new Brooklyn stadium near the Long Island Railroad, O’Malley takes the Dodgers—and convinces the rival Giants—to go West, marking the end of an era and leaving behind the ghosts of Flatbush.

Brooklyn Dodgers: The Ghosts of Flatbush | July 11, 2007 (United States) 8.6
Writer: Aaron Cohen, Charles OlivierStars: Buzzie Bavasi, Pat Cooper, Mel DurslagSummary: The Brooklyn Dodgers, from Jackie Robinson's breaking baseball's color barrier to their move to Los Angeles, a dozen years later. The Dodgers epitomize the diverse working-class, in contrast with the white uptown Yankees, and come oh-so-close to winning the World Series before it finally happens in 1955. By then, Ebbets Field is crumbling, ticket sales are off, fans have moved to the suburbs, and Robert Moses is blocking Walter O'Malley's plan to build a stadium at the terminus of the Long Island Railroad. When Los Angeles makes O'Malley an offer he can't refuse, an era comes to an end: in 1958 the Dodgers and cross-town-rival Giants go West, leaving the ghosts of Flatbush.


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