“Chasing Dreams” follows farm boy David G. Brown, who finds his calling in junior college baseball. His rise is almost halted by the death of his wheelchair-bound younger brother and an injury from being beaned. A supporting role by Kevin Costner as his college-bound older brother adds depth to David’s emotional arc.

Fueled by family wisdom and a love for the game, David overcomes these obstacles to lead his team to a championship win. The film blends sports action with themes of family, loss, and resilience, resonating deeply with audiences.

Chasing Dreams | May 1989 (United States) 3.2
Director: Therese Conte, Sean RocheWriter: David G. Brown, Therese Conte, Sean RocheStars: David G. Brown, Kevin Costner, John FifeSummary: A young man is bogged down by his family, farm and school life, but after the baseball coach convinces him to play, he finds a bit of comfort in the sport and ends up excelling in it. Kevin Costner stars in his first baseball movie.
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