“Ed” revolves around Jack “Deuce” Cooper, a gifted farm boy who unexpectedly joins the Santa Rosa Rockets minor league. His challenges mount when he’s paired with the team’s mischievous mascot, a chimpanzee named Ed Sullivan. Remarkably, Ed displays a knack for baseball and soon joins the team as a third base player, uplifting the Rockets’ spirit.

As the Rockets inch closer to victory, Ed’s safety is jeopardized, compelling Coop to balance his burgeoning baseball career and loyalty to his friend. Parallel to this, Coop’s blossoming relationship with neighbor Lydia is humorously encouraged by her insightful daughter Lizzie and the meddlesome Ed.

Ed | March 15, 1996 (United States) 2.7
Director: Bill CouturiéWriter: Ken Richards, Janus Cercone, David Mickey EvansStars: Matt LeBlanc, Jayne Brook, Gene RossSummary: A trained chimpanzee plays third base for a minor-league baseball team.


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