“Feeling Goode” chronicles the journey of Sebastian Goode, played by Josef Cannon, a fictional former baseball star who sets an audacious goal: to be the first African American cyclist to qualify for the Tour de France in its 111-year history.

Beyond his on-screen talent, Cannon is a multifaceted artist who owns CannonVision Productions. Through this platform, he wore multiple hats, not only acting as Goode but also writing and directing this compelling story, underscoring the tenacity and spirit of an athlete crossing disciplines and breaking barriers.

Feeling Goode | July 22, 2015 (United States)
Director: Josef CannonWriter: Josef CannonStars: Josef Cannon, Roy Eisenstein, David HoodSummary: The story of an aging baseball player, Sebastian Goode (Josef Cannon) attempting to become the 1st African American to qualify for The Tour de France in its 111 year history.


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