“Great American Dream” tells the story of Eric, an AmerAsian graduate who masquerades as a younger athlete to relish an additional year of college baseball. Teaming up with Danny, another graduate hiding his true identity, Eric aims to grab the attention of professional scouts. In his pursuit, he discovers an unlikely support in Coach Pierce, who is grappling with personal loss. As Eric becomes romantically involved with Amy, the team’s assistant trainer, the lies he’s living begin to strain their relationship.

In the run-up to the pivotal Easter Tournament, Eric’s deceptions start to weigh heavily on him, exacerbating tensions with both Danny and Amy. As the crucial game unfolds, Eric faces old foes from his troubled history, risking not just his dreams but also his liberty. This film is the second chapter in the AmerAsian Trilogy.

Young American Dream | December 9, 2013 (United States) 7.1
Director: Roger LimWriter: Roger Lim, Key PaytonStars: Roger Lim, Angel Monroe, Andy HniloSummary: Eric, an AmerAsian graduate, assumes a younger athlete's identity for one last year of college baseball, befriending Coach Pierce, who's grieving his own son's loss, and falling for Amy, the team's assistant trainer. As he becomes a team leader and faces adversaries from his past, Eric risks his career and freedom in a climactic game.


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