In York, Pennsylvania, baseball emerges as a beacon of hope. Local leaders champion a minor league stadium as the antidote to the city’s urban decline, painting a picture of a reinvigorated community centered around the national pastime.

Yet, behind this vision, a poignant narrative unfolds. Residents of a low-income neighborhood grapple with the impending loss of their homes, places rich in memories and family bonds. This documentary dives deep, exploring the delicate balance between ambition, the spirit of baseball, and the profound human cost of urban renewal.

Home | January 31, 2009 (United States)
Director: Brian PlowStars: Blanda Nace, Cameron TexterSummary: In 2006, demolition of a low-income neighborhood began in York Pennsylvania to make way for a much anticipated minor league baseball stadium. This trailer highlights the story of baseball, nostalgia, the struggles of one particular American city to survive. It also examines the issue of eminent domain, displacement and the loss of home and identity, against changing American urban backdrop.
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