“Jack of All Trades” explores the baseball card frenzy of the late 80s and early 90s. Many, including protagonist Stu Stone, saw their cherished collections become worthless after the industry’s crash, leading to personal heartbreak and strained family ties.

Delving deeper, the documentary becomes a personal odyssey for Stu. As he seeks answers about the baseball card market’s decline, he confronts his troubled relationship with his father, Jack, a key figure in the card world, intertwining nostalgia with themes of family and redemption.

Jack of all Trades | April 9, 2019 (United States) 5.8
Director: Harvey Glazer, Stuart StoneWriter: Stuart StoneStars: Stuart Stone, Harvey Glazer, Adam RodnessSummary: An investigative look on the baseball card scandal during the 1990's.


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