Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball is a documentary about high school baseball in Japan, where the pastime has turned into an obsession. The film follows two schools as they head towards the 2003 tournament. The film aired on PBS as part of its Point of View series.

Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball (2006) Documentary, Sport | 3180min | 4 July 2006 (USA) 7.7
Director: Kenneth EngWriter: Alexander H. ShearSummary: Chiben Academy is a private, powerhouse baseball academy led by Japan's most legendary tough-as-nails coach, Takashima-kantoku. Over 35 years, Takashima has led his teams to Koshien a record 21 times, and won 3 National titles. Through extensive interviews we reveal the mindset of the man many Japanese consider a "living Samurai". His training regimen focuses not on technique, but rather on developing fighting spirit . In blistering heat or driving rain, the team trains at least 8 hours a day, 360 days a year. At Chiben, two young recruits, Maeda and Hashimoto, explain their lives as aspiring professional players. They have chosen to put aside their education and their families in pursuit of their baseball dreams. But they can't go pro unless they make it to Koshien. The Chiben Cheer Squad is also legendary throughout Japan, and their senior leader, Furukawa, explains why they too must train so hard.


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