Little Big Men is is an ESPN 30 for 30 film, and the story of Cody Webster, playing for little league in Kirkland, Washington. He experiencing unexpected and unwanted attention after taking part in the biggest upset in the history of Little League.

30 for 30: Little Big Men Documentary, Biography, History | 3180min | Episode aired 31 August 2010 6.2
Director: Al SzymanskiWriter: Al SzymanskiStars: Mike Adams, Brian Avery, Marlene AverySummary: On August 28, 1982, Cody Webster and a small group of schoolyard friends from Kirkland, Wash., sat anxiously in a dugout waiting to take the field for the championship game of the Little League World Series. Their focus was just about what you'd expect from any 12-year-old: hit the ball, throw strikes, cross your fingers and then maybe – maybe – you'll win. Adults in the stands and watching from home saw a much broader field of play. The memories of American hostages and a crippling oil crisis were still fresh; the economic malaise of the late 1970s still lingered; and the new President was recovering from an assassination attempt even while confronting new threats from the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, back on that tiny baseball field in Williamsport, Penn., where America's game was celebrated each summer, no American team had won a true international Little League World Series Championship in more than a decade.
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