“Little Big Men,” part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series, tells the captivating tale of Cody Webster and his young teammates from Kirkland, Washington. In 1982, these unlikely heroes emerged victoriously in the Little League World Series, breaking a decade-long drought for American teams and marking a momentous upset in the tournament’s history.

Directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Al Szymanski, the documentary explores the aftershocks of this early success. With a keen focus on Cody Webster, it delves into the unanticipated fame and the pressures it wrought, unraveling the complexities of achieving such paramount success in one’s formative years.

Little Big Men | August 31, 2010 (United States) 6.4
Director: Al SzymanskiWriter: Al SzymanskiStars: Mike Adams, Brian Avery, Marlene AverySummary: The story of Cody Webster, playing for the little league for the town of Kirkland, WA, experiencing the unexpected, unprepared and unwanted attention he faced after taking part in the biggest upset in the history of Little League.
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