“Mean Streak” revolves around Joe DiMaggio’s baseball record, set to be broken by a black player. When threats emerge, detective Lou Mattoni, harboring racist biases, teams up with black FBI agent Altman Rogers to ensure the player’s safety.

As the plot unfolds, young black men are gruesomely mutilated, their thumbs sent to the record-challenging player. These crimes mirror a past case of Mattoni’s, hinting at a white supremacist’s deeds. Mattoni must solve the mystery while grappling with his own prejudice.

Mean Streak | June 27, 1999 (United States) 4.8
Director: Tim HunterWriter: Dave Ryan, John FasanoStars: Scott Bakula, Leon, Bridgid CoulterSummary: The hitting record of Joe Di Maggio is about to broken by a black player. Now a person who feels that it is sacred threatens that player if he breaks the record. Lou Mattoni, a detective, who is a little racist, is assigned to the case, and he is also forced to work with Altman Rogers, an FBI agent who is black. While the two of them don't particularly care for one another, they try and do their best to get this guy before he makes good on his threat.


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