“Mercy Rule” follows the Miller family as they confront various challenges. John Miller is trying to protect his recycling business from a devious businessman, while his son, Cody Miller, aspires to be a standout pitcher on his baseball team. Through these trials, the Millers explore themes of mercy, sacrifice, legacy, and their relationship with God.

As the story unfolds, the Millers find their paths intertwining with a web of community members, from local government officials to school baseball coaches, each influencing the direction of their journey. The essence of trust, both in God and in each other, becomes a beacon for the Millers, guiding them through their personal and collective struggles, and teaching them the true value of perseverance and community.

Mercy Rule | February 14, 2014 (United States) 2.6
Director: Darren DoaneWriter: N.D. WilsonStars: Kirk Cameron, Chelsea Noble, Nicole NeilsonSummary: John Miller faces keeping his recycling business from being shut down by a sly businessman and his son's hope of being pitcher on a baseball team. his son's hope of a being pitcher on a baseball team.


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