“Murder at the World Series,” is a made-for-television thriller set against the backdrop of America’s beloved pastime. The narrative centers on a disturbed individual who, after experiencing rejection from the Houston Astros baseball team, becomes consumed by a desire for revenge.

As the Houston Astros face off against the Oakland A’s in the World Series, the vengeful young man implements his sinister plot. He masterminds a series of harrowing kidnappings, targeting those affiliated with the Astros, overshadowing the joy and excitement of the championship games with an atmosphere of fear and tension.

Murder at the World Series | March 20, 1977 (United States) 6
Director: Andrew V. McLaglenWriter: Cy ChermakStars: Lynda Day George, Murray Hamilton, Karen ValentineSummary: A disturbed young man, who had tried out for the Houston Astros baseball team and been rejected, plots to take his revenge by a series of kidnappings.


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