“Nine Innings from Ground Zero” explores the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on New York’s World Trade Center. In a time when sports seemed secondary, baseball emerged as a healing force for a grieving city. Featuring key figures like Joe Torre, Rudy Giuliani, and Derek Jeter, the documentary captures the Yankees’ symbolic journey to the World Series, representing New York’s resilient spirit.

Post-tragedy, New Yorkers found solace in baseball, transforming it into a beacon of hope. The Yankees and Mets not only shone on the field but provided vital off-field support, like Derek Jeter’s poignant connection with a bereaved child. As the Yankees vied for the World Series title against the Arizona Diamondbacks amidst a backdrop of adversity, “Nine Innings from Ground Zero” became a testament to resilience and the human spirit.

Nine Innings from Ground Zero | September 14, 2004 (United States) 8.2
Writer: Ouisie ShapiroStars: John Ashcroft, Bob Brenly, Scott BrosiusSummary: Short, well-made documentary showing how the NY Yankees vs. AZ Diamondbacks world series games, just a month after 9-11, provided welcome relief from the uncertainty New Yorkers, and the nation, felt about how to proceed with their lives. The Yankees, during the series, came to symbolize and re-strengthen everything that was, and is, New York... and America.
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