In “Safe at Home!”, young Hutch Lawton lies to his new Little League friends in Florida, claiming his dad is pals with Yankee legends Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. When pushed for proof, Hutch visits the Yankees’ spring training camp to validate his claim.

There, Hutch meets Mantle and Maris, who teach him the value of honesty. Returning home, Hutch confesses his lie, only to find that his entire team has been invited to the training camp. The film serves as a heartwarming lesson on integrity, friendship, and the magic of baseball.

Safe at Home! | April 13, 1962 (United States) 5.4
Director: Walter DonigerWriter: Robert Dillon, Tom Naud, Steven RitchStars: Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, William FrawleySummary: Legendary Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle stars with his Yankee teammate Roger Maris in this good-natured story of dreams that really do come true.


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