“Signs of the Time” delves into baseball’s 19th-century world when the game lacked gesture-based communication. Amid roaring crowds, where the umpire’s voice was often lost, the documentary reveals the pioneers like Bill Klem and William “Dummy” Hoy who introduced vital hand signals to the game.

Klem, an authoritative umpire, and Hoy, the game’s celebrated deaf player, have both been credited with these significant contributions. “Signs of the Time” unravels the myths of baseball hand signals as narrated by Richard Dreyfuss with insights from Bob Feller and Brooks Robinson, spotlighting the innovations that shaped America’s beloved sport.

Signs of the Time | August 23, 2008 (United States) 7.6
Director: Don CasperWriter: Jim HughesStars: Richard Dreyfuss, Bob Feller, Brooks RobinsonSummary: A documentary based on how hand signals came about in baseball. Who initiated them and their usefulness.


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