“Soul of the Game” is a drama set during the era of racial integration in Major League Baseball. It centers on the competition between two African American baseball legends aiming to become the first black Major Leaguer. Their dreams are thwarted when a rookie, Jackie Robinson, is chosen by the Brooklyn Dodgers to break the racial barrier, setting the stage for a pivotal showdown.

As Branch Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers’ general manager, seeks the right candidate for this historic moment, he considers not just talent but also the resilience needed to withstand hostility and prejudice. The film delves into the challenges and tensions among these three players, leading to a groundbreaking decision that reshapes baseball history.

Soul of the Game | April 20, 1996 (United States) 7.3
Director: Kevin Rodney SullivanWriter: Gary Hoffman, David HimmelsteinStars: Delroy Lindo, Mykelti Williamson, Edward HerrmannSummary: Black baseball greats, Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson, vie to be the first afro-American major leaguer, only to see the outspoken rookie, Jackie Robinson, be chosen.


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