“The Babe Ruth Story” follows Babe Ruth’s ascent from a tough childhood to baseball superstardom, notably his glory days with the New York Yankees where he sets a precedent with his 60th homer. The film highlights his complex character: naive yet noble, and impactful both on and off the field, including his romance with Claire Hodgson and life-changing interactions with fans.

The narrative also delves into Ruth’s setbacks, such as his abrupt retirement from the Boston Braves and his terminal throat cancer diagnosis. Despite challenges, he remains an American sports icon. His famous “called shot” of 1932 and his battle with illness underscore his lasting impact, cementing his status as the cornerstone of America’s love for baseball.

The Babe Ruth Story | September 6, 1948 (United States) 5.2
Director: Roy Del RuthWriter: Bob Considine, George Callahan, Babe RuthStars: William Bendix, Claire Trevor, Charles BickfordSummary: William Bendix suits up in Yankee flannels as the renowned pitcher-turned-outfielder Babe Ruth in a sports biopic that mixes facts with fiction.


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