“The Hammer of Hank Aaron” is a compelling documentary that utilizes an intricate mix of rare archival content, advanced production techniques, and novel historical and psychological perspectives to delve into the life of Hank Aaron, a celebrated American baseball icon. Born into obscurity and faced with daunting adversities, Aaron’s journey transcended the baseball diamond.

He was instrumental in elevating baseball to its status as America’s cherished National Pastime. More than just a sports legend, Aaron’s triumphs on the field came at a personal cost, but he remained steadfast in his commitment to the fight for civil rights, demonstrating the depth of his character and the breadth of his legacy.

The Hammer of Hank Aaron | October 13, 2015 (United States) 7.6
Director: Jonathon Laureano, Josh OshinskyWriter: Aaron Cohen, Josh OshinskyStars: Martin Sheen, Hank Aaron, Howard BryantSummary: An unexpected conqueror who rose from obscurity and the depths of adversity to challenge a god. Victory came at a great price, but Hank Aaron never wavered in the fight for civil rights.
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