In “The Winning Season,” young Joe Soshack stumbles upon an impeccably preserved T206 Honus Wagner baseball card, thinking it could be the solution to his family’s financial woes. However, the card serves as a magical portal that transports him back to the 1909 World Series. There, he befriends the legendary Honus Wagner and his fiancée, who impart valuable lessons about honor, family, and love.

The film was later rebranded as “The Seeking Reveals,” giving it a new identity while maintaining its original themes and narrative.

The Seeking Reveals | April 4, 2004 (United States) 5.6
Director: John Kent Harrison, Mark RosmanWriter: Dan Gutman, Steve BloomStars: Matthew Modine, Kristin Davis, Shawn HatosySummary: A young lad dreams of playing with the great Honus Wagner in his 1909 World Series duel with hall-of-famer Ty Cobb.


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