Tigers Town stars Roy Scheider as Billy Young, a veteran Detroit Tigers right fielder who’s biggest fan is a kid named Justin Henry. When Justin imagines Billy Young hitting home runs, he does. Thereafter, Henry attends every game, convinced that the Tigers will lose if he doesn’t help out by imaging a few homers.

Tiger Town (1983) Drama, Family, Sport | 95min | TV Movie 9 October 1983 6.9
Director: Alan ShapiroWriter: Alan Shapiro, Bobby FineStars: Bethany Carpenter, Lindsay Barr, Dave BokasSummary: Alex and his father are Detroit Tigers Fans. The team is not doing well and Alex's favorite player "Billy Young" isn't either. The team's and Billy's luck turn around after Alex experiences a tragedy that hits close to home. Alex begins visiting every Tigers home game and wishes hard while closing his eyes when Billy is at bat. Alex believes he is the reason the Tigers are winning home games, so he starts ditching school to ensure the W. Alex is detained by bullies at school for the pennant game. Will he make it in time or will the Tigers have to do it all on their own?


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