In “Twelve,” young baseball prodigy Kyle Cooke faces upheaval when his father, Ted, relocates the family after a job loss. In his new town, Kyle encounters bullies and unjust team selections on his 12U team, sidelining his dream of playing in the Little League World Series. Determined to overcome these odds, Ted maneuvers 12yo Kyle into a neighboring district’s team. Driven by rejection and his passion for baseball, Kyle pushes himself harder than ever before.

As fate would have it, Kyle’s ultimate test comes when he squares off against his former team in the state championship. More than a game, it’s a battle for his honor, dreams, and a ticket to the twelve-year-old World Series. Amidst the tension, Kyle’s resilience and innate talent come to the fore, proving that dreams are worth fighting for, no matter the obstacles.

Twelve | July 23, 2019 (United States) 6.2
Director: Steve GrimaldiWriter: Steve GrimaldiStars: Erik Heger, Wyatt Ralff, Jennifer MudgeSummary: A young boy, with help from his family, lets nothing stand between him and his dream to play in the twelve-year-old world series.


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2 thoughts on “Twelve”

  1. This is a very good movie. Will it ever be release on DVD. It would be great to have this movie so we can show it to some of our friends.

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