Bases Loaded (1987-1995)
Bases Loaded featured a unique television-style depiction of the pitcher-batter matchup, as well as strong play control and a relatively high degree of realism, which made it one of the most popular baseball games of the early NES era. One unique feature of the game is that the pitcher can provoke a batter to charge the mound. While Jaleco did hire Ryne Sandberg for an endorsement with Bases Loaded 3, this installment of the game did not feature real teams or players. More unpopular with players, however, was the somewhat bizarre premise that “playing a perfect game”, not winning a pennant, was the game’s ultimate goal.

  • Bases Loaded (1987)
  • Bases Loaded II: Second Season (1988)
  • Bases Loaded 3 (1990) – Ryan Sandberg on cover
  • Super Bases Loaded (1991) – Ryan Sandberg on cover
  • Bases Loaded 4 (1993)
  • Super Bases Loaded 2 (1994)
  • Super Bases Loaded 3: License to Steal (1995)

Watch game play from the first Bases Loaded in the series:

Bases Loaded II: Second Season trailer from JALECO:

Bases Loaded 3, and the graphics keep getting better:

Bases Loaded 4, and enjoy the game play:

In the fifth edition of the franchise, the JALECO game became Super Bases Loaded:

Super Bases Loaded 2 becomes the sixth release in the JALECO franchise:

Super Bases Loaded 3 was the seventh and final release in the JALECO Bases Loaded series:

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