Grand Slam Baseball with Steve Garvey vs. Jose Canseco (1988)
Steve Garvey and Jose Canseco are the only real players in this game, and both will always be on opposite teams. The team with the most runs may not be the winner. The winner is determined by a point scale. During games there are four events that lead to points: grand slams, home runs, a runner advancing to a base, and a runner scoring. Grand slams are worth the most at 2,000 points. Home runs are worth 500 points. When a runner makes it to the next base he scores 100 points for the team. For each run that scores the team that gave up the run loses 300 points. If the bases are loaded, Steve Garvey or Jose Canseco will automatically become the batter. They also receive seven strikes instead of three before being called out.

Watch Grand Slam Baseball with Steve Garvey and Jose Canseco for the Commodore 64:

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