During WWII, “A Winner Never Quits” illuminates the journey of Pete Gray, a one-armed outfielder from Northeastern Pennsylvania, who despite his disability, is unwavering in his ambition to play major-league baseball. With the backing of his family, Pete surmounts ridicule and skepticism, achieving commendable success with the Memphis Chicks before joining the St. Louis Browns.

Alongside Pete’s trajectory, the narrative underscores his relationship with Nelson Gary Jr., a handicapped youngster who idolizes him. Their bond, characterized by mutual dreams and challenges, exemplifies resilience, hope, and the enduring human spirit, serving as the heart of this film’s inspiration.

A Winner Never Quits | April 14, 1986 (United States) 6.9
Director: Mel DamskiWriter: Burt PrelutskyStars: Keith Carradine, Mare Winningham, G.W. BaileySummary: A young boy loses his right arm in an accident but dreams of playing major-league baseball. Despite childhood taunts, with his family's support, he joins the Memphis Chicks, facing skepticism. He proves himself by batting .333, stealing 63 bases, and leading in fielding percentage, eventually winning the MVP award. In 1945, he joins the St. Louis Browns. The story also follows his bond with another one-armed boy, inspiring the movie's creation after co-producer James Keach learned of their story.


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