All-Stars is a comedy that follows the ups and downs of a 10-year-old girls’ softball team, focusing not just on the young players but also on their overly ambitious parents throughout a rec league season that culminates in the selection of an All-Star team.

Veteran coach Lance Grayden, who originally hoped to mentor older, more seasoned players, finds himself teaching a group of novices instead. Amidst the struggle to impart fundamental skills to the girls, Lance is further tested by parents fueled by unrealistic expectations and obsessive competitiveness. As he navigates the tension between genuine sportsmanship and the drive to win, the film satirically explores the adult-driven circus that often surrounds youth sports.

All Stars | December 1, 2015 (United States) 6.1
Director: Lance KinseyWriter: Lance KinseyStars: Fred Willard, Miriam Flynn, Logan KinseySummary: 'All-Stars' provides a hilarious commentary on the state of all youth sports today, fueled by the outrageous behavior of the desperate sports parent living vicariously through his or her child. A veteran coach has returned to 'give something back,' assuming he'd be coaching a 16-and-under team of seasoned and accomplished competitors, but instead is saddled with a 10-and-under team of inexperienced players. Not only is he forced to go back to the basics and teach the fundamentals of the game to the little girls, half of whom would rather be in the dugout eating snacks, but he also faces the greater challenge of riding herd over their over-eager, overly ambitious, and entirely delusional parents whose ridiculous behavior is more suited to five-year-olds than adults.


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