Baseball and Bloomers, also known as Baseball in Bloomers, is a silent short film produced by the Thanhouser Company. The film is about a female seminary which organizes a baseball club and challenges another school to a game. The boys accept to the game with amusement and find that the women are not good at baseball. Two Harvard University baseball stars join the ranks of the girls in disguise and defeat the boys team.

Baseball and Bloomers (1911) Short, Comedy, Sport | 6 January 1911 (USA)
Stars: William Garwood, Marguerite SnowSummary: Miss Street's Seminary for young girls has a very ambitious class of pupils. The young athletes, not content with basketball and tennis, aspire to shine in the great American game, and organize a baseball club. They are so satisfied with themselves that they finally send a challenge to Adair College, which has a crowd of husky young athletes and a club that thinks it amounts to something. When the challenge is received, the boys are first angry, then amused. They decide to accept it, to have fun with the girls. The young women, after some practice, realize that their team, while it may be pretty to look at, is of little real use on the diamond. And the prospect makes them weep. Fortunately for the girls, Jack, the brother of their president, arrives from Harvard. His chum, Jim, is with him. These two young men are baseball stars themselves, and when they are told of the predicament of the girls, they good-naturedly offer to help them out.
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