In “Aunt Mary,” Mary Dobkin, a disabled woman in 1950s Baltimore, forms a sandlot baseball team for underprivileged kids. Ignoring societal norms, she includes both Black and white children on the team, facing pushback from authorities but determined to keep kids off the streets.

Facing another leg amputation, Mary questions her ability to continue coaching. However, an encounter with a young boy who learns to play despite an arm amputation reignites her passion. The film culminates in a field being named after her, symbolizing the impact she’s had on the community. “Aunt Mary” is a heartfelt tale of resilience, unity, and the transformative power of sports.

Aunt Mary | December 5, 1979 (United States) 7.2
Director: Peter WernerWriter: Ellis A. Cohen, Burt PrelutskyStars: Jean Stapleton, Martin Balsam, Harold GouldSummary: A disabled woman starts a Little League baseball team to help the children in her poverty-stricken neighborhood.


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