Day of Independence is a short dramatic film about one Japanese American family’s World War II experience in an American concentration camp. The story is told through the narration of a young baseball player, whose life is traumatically altered by the forced removal and his father’s decision to expatriate back to Japan. The screenplay is based on the real-life experiences of writer Tim Toyama’s family.

Day of Independence (2003) Short, Family, History | 1620min | 26 September 2003 (USA) 7.0
Director: Chris TashimaWriter: Chris Tashima, Tim ToyamaStars: Derek Mio, Marcus Toji, Alan MuraokaSummary: In this historical narrative set in a Japanese American internment camp during the World War II, we explore one family's experience and examine the sacrifices and triumphs of those who endured and survived through perseverance, courage, and the all-American game of baseball. During World War II, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, ordering the forced removal and incarceration of all people of Japanese ancestry living on the West Coast. These people, most of whom were American citizens, were taken from their homes and sent to "relocation" camps in desolate, isolated areas. These camps were surrounded by barb wire and guard towers. There were no charges, nor due process. The internment of 120,000 innocent people was a dark moment in the history of this country.


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