Baseball Bugs is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes animated cartoon starring Bugs Bunny who singlehandedly defeats the Gas-House Gorillas, a baseball team of hulking, cigar-chomping bullies.

To summarize, Bugs is watching a baseball game at the Polo Grounds between the Gas-House Gorillas, a bunch of burly roughnecks, and the Tea Totallers, who are all fragile old men. The Tea Totallers are losing 95-0 when Bugs, who is a fan, starts heckling the Gorillas. The Gorillas in turn force Bugs to play against them in the game. Bugs, playing all by himself, at every position, and in every batter order slot, uses his typical schemes to defeat the Gorillas.

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Baseball Bugs | February 2, 1946 (United States) 7.7


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