“Baseball Bugs” is a Looney Tunes short where Bugs Bunny cleverly defeats the Gas-House Gorillas, a team of hulking, cigar-chomping bullies. During a game between the Gorillas and the Tea Totallers, Bugs taunts from the stands. The Gorillas challenge Bugs to play, and he accepts, outsmarting them in various positions for an unconventional victory.

Bugs Bunny enters the game trailing 95-0, and his strategic prowess shines as he plays all positions in the field, using inventive tactics to battle back and outwit the Gorillas. The episode showcases Bugs Bunny’s enduring appeal, resulting in an entertaining classic.

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Baseball Bugs | February 2, 1946 (United States) 7.7
Director: Friz FrelengWriter: Michael Maltese, Tedd PierceStars: Mel Blanc, Bea Benaderet, Frank GrahamSummary: Bugs plays every defensive position against the Gashouse Gorillas.


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