Bay City Blues, produced by Steven Bochco, is a drama set in Bay City, California that focuses on a minor league baseball team called the Bluebirds. Featuring early roles for Sharon Stone and Dennis Franz, the show delves into the personal and professional lives of players, from young hopefuls to those nearing retirement.

Despite its promising setup and strong ensemble cast, the series was short-lived, with only four of its eight produced episodes ever airing. The show aimed to explore complex relationships and personal struggles among the team members but was cancelled before it could fully unfold its narrative.

Bay City Blues | October 25, 1983 (United States) 6.7
Writer: Steven Bochco, Jeffrey LewisStars: Michael Nouri, Pat Corley, Perry LangSummary: Short-lived ensemble drama which follows a minor league baseball team as they travel from town to town.


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