In “Big Leaguer,” John “Hans” Lobert runs a Florida training camp for the New York Giants, evaluating young hopefuls for minor league contracts. This season, the stakes rise when Lobert’s niece visits and takes an interest in Adam Polachuk, a gifted but secretive third-base prospect.

Just before a critical game against the Brooklyn Dodgers’ rookies, Adam’s father discovers his son’s baseball ambitions. Persuaded by Lobert to let Adam play, the young prospect shines, helping secure a win and adding emotional depth to this riveting sports drama.

Big Leaguer | August 19, 1953 (United States) 6
Director: Robert AldrichWriter: Herbert Baker, John McNulty, Lou MorheimStars: Edward G. Robinson, Vera-Ellen, Jeff RichardsSummary: John Lobert operates a Florida training camp for the New York Giants, annually selecting a few talented hopefuls for a minor league contract at $150 a month. This year, his niece from New York is drawn to a tall, quiet contender named Adam.


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